Month: March 2021

What is Medicare Part A?

Medicare Part A: Qualification, Coverages and Costs Part A of Medicare is your hospital coverage, and together with Part B (medical coverage) they make up Original Medicare. Understanding each part in its entirety can be overwhelming, but this article will easily immerse you in what Medicare Part A is, what it covers, who qualifies for …

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How to enroll in Medicare?

How, when and where do I enroll in Medicare? Qualifying for Medicare is an important achievement, and making the transition can be very confusing. Depending on your case, the Social Security Administration may enroll you automatically or you may need to enroll manually. Automatic enrollment Some people get Medicare automatically while others have to enroll …

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What is Medicare?

What is Original Medicare and who qualifies? The subject of Medicare can be very confusing, but as experts in helping people with the transition to Medicare, we are here to make it an easier process. Find out here about what Original Medicare is, what it covers, and how it works. Original Medicare = Part A …

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