Medicare Supplement Plan B

Not to be confused with Part B, Medicare supplement Plan B is one of the ten Medicare supplement plans or Medigap policies available to help cover the 20% coinsurance or gap not covered by Original Medicare.  Similar to Plan A, Medicare supplement Plan B covers your Part A and Part B coinsurance, but also covers the Part A deductible giving you more robust coverage against inpatient hospital stays.

As you can see in the graphic above, Medicare supplement Plan B will provide you with total coverage for the following  expenses:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance for inpatient hospital stays including an additional 365 days after your Medicare benefits are exhausted.
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance for doctors and outpatient medical services.
  • Medicare Part A copayment for hospice service.
  • The first three pints of blood needed for any medical procedure.
  • Medicare Part A deductible.

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